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The Top 50 Worst Passwords Of All Time!

TeamsID recently released their annual “50 Worst Passwords” list. Though it’s often humorous, it does highlight the fact that people still don’t create strong passwords. In spite of nagging by the IT department and all those articles online about how important this is, we all get lazy sometimes. People don’t want to come up with strong passwords that will stop hackers from getting into their accounts. They want simple things that will be easy to remember, which makes the life of hackers much easier.

The Top 10 List

On the Top 10 list, there are some perennial favorites. They include:

  • Qwerty
  • Iloveyou
  • 123456
  • Sunshine
  • Password1234
  • Other winners like these

On the worst passwords list, numbers 11-20, some entries make you scratch your head and wonder. They include these memorable passwords:

  • Football
  • Admin
  • Welcome
  • Princess (what?)
  • Monkey (why?)
  • !@#$%^&* (top row of keyboard-it looks tough but is relatively simple for hackers to crack)

In spot number 21, we begin to get into people’s names. This includes common names like Donald, George, Thomas, Jessica, Jordan, Andrew, Amanda, Ashley, Robert, and William among others. This list also includes common pet names like Bandit, Rocky, Killer, Spot, Leo, Max, and Charlie.

If you’re using your name as a password for one of your accounts, you might as well send your log-in information directly to a group of hackers in Russia. Using family names or the names of pets is a no-brainer for cybercriminals. They can crack those passwords in less than 10 minutes.

Once you get into the ’50s of the Top 100 Worst Passwords of all time, you’ll find some tributes to pop culture. This includes our favorite movies, heroes, singers, actors and such. At position #45, we find the password “starwars” with “Tigger” at #48. In the 60’s range, we have favorite foods: banana and cheese. This range includes favorite sports team names like lakers and mavericks.

The names of sports are often used like baseball and hockey, along with our favorite automobiles:

  • Mercedes
  • Corvette
  • Ferrari
  • Porsche
  • Chevy

In an interesting side note, Microsoft says that people often misspell some of these names. Porsche and Ferrari are the most misspelled car names. Many human names are used in their misspelled form as well, including Mathew, Jenifer, Debby, and Brain (Brian).

Though it’s fun to check out all the bad passwords people come up with each year, this is a serious matter. Setting up strong passwords is the best way to keep hackers out of your email account, bank account, credit card account, etc. Even accounts that you might think don’t matter do. For instance, if a hacker can break into one of your food delivery accounts, they can charge $100 bucks worth of pizza to you.

For your more confidential accounts such as banking and email, it pays to go ahead and create something that would take hackers a long time to crack. If you’re one of those people who knows they probably won’t do that though, there’s still hope. Use a password manager. These are easy to set up and you’ll only have one password to remember for all your accounts.

If you’d like to check out a few of your current passwords to see how long it would take hackers to crack them, there are some cool password testers out there that will tell you how well you’re doing.

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