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As the business landscape becomes more and more competitive, companies like yours have to find ways to increase the productivity and unleash unprecedented collaboration.

A simple way to increase the collaboration and productivity of your team while simultaneously reducing costs in IT infrastructure is to implement a secure wireless network.

Wireless networks provide significant benefits when compared to wired networks infrastructures.

But with these benefits come security challenges. A wireless network has to be carefully planned and executed to avoid security exposures that could put your business and data at risk.

Let us show you how an experienced service provider like Network Essentials right here in Charlotte can help you in the implementation of a secure wireless network that will help your employees get more done in a workday.

Benefits of Implementing a Wireless Network in Your Charlotte NC Business

  • Improved Scalability and Flexibility

If your business grows and you need to increase your workforce, or if you simply want to restructure the layout of your office, a wireless network gives you the scalability to adapt to this change seamlessly. On the other hand, with a wired network, you will have to make a major investment in adding additional connection ports and modifying the topology of your network.

With wireless networks, employees can have increased flexibility to move around the office. They can be connected anytime at any place. They can move freely about the facility and do their work without the worry of needing to connect to the network via cables.

  • Cost Savings

Wireless networks are easy to setup and scale because they don’t involve the large cost associated with wiring and installing physical connection ports. Implementing a traditional wired network involves running wires, drilling holes, and installing ports. It can be messy, costly, and disruptive.

As Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) grows in popularity, and employees bring their own laptops, tablets, and smartphones to the office, employers need to provide a reliable and secure wireless network to make it easier to for employees to connect to the corporate network and work. For many employers, this is preferable to investing in business-owned smartphones and tablets for their employees.

  • Enhanced Guest Access

When you go to a business and have to wait any length of time for an appointment or between meetings, you want to be able to check your social media, instant messages, calendar, and email. When others visit your place of business, they are looking for the same!

The requirement for guest access only increases when it comes to hospitality businesses. A motel that doesn’t offer great WIFI will quickly find that their online reviews are going downhill.

How to Secure a Wireless Network

Get the support of an experienced provider.

Setting a secure wireless network involves a series of decisions that can have a huge impact on how reliable your network is once it is implemented. An experienced service provider can help you choose the right hardware, design the best topology, and implement the adequate security measures so you can get the most out of your wireless network.

Choose the right security setting.

One of the most important factors when implementing your wireless network is to have the right security setup. When it comes to wireless authentication, you have two options:

    • WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)
    • WPA (Wireless Protected Access).

WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) requires the user to use a password to connect to the wireless network. WEP has received criticism for being insecure and easily broken. The truth is that WEP is susceptible to a number of attacks that can make your wireless network vulnerable. It is ok to use WEP in your home wireless, but WEP is a definite “No” for business implementations.

The second option is WPA. With WPA there are two options:

    • WPA PSK (Pre-Shared Key)
    • WPA Enterprise

With WPA PSK, a password is created, and users type this password into their browsers. But this two main disadvantages:

    • You’ll have to change your password on a regular basis.
    • You’ll have to change your password every time someone leaves the company or is fired.

With WPA Enterprise, users have to provide a unique user and password to connect to the network. The username and password are validated by the system. This approach provides improved security because both a username and password must be used.

Keep your hardware equipment up to date.

Hardware vendors periodically release firmware updates to address performance and security issues on the devices, make sure your hardware is frequently updated so it is protected against the latest known vulnerabilities. Also, make sure the network drivers of the devices that connect to the network are kept up to date.

Hide your network name.

The name of your network is the Service Set Identifier, or as it is better known: SSID. While hiding your SSID it is not a bullet-proof method for protecting your wireless network, it is an additional security layer, that makes breaking into your wireless network a little bit harder for hackers.

Keep unknown devices out of your network.

Each network interface has a unique identifier, known as a Media Access Control Address (MAC). By enabling MAC Address filtering, you can determine what devices can access your network. Devices that are not on the list can’t connect to the wireless network. Although this improves security, it does create a larger task of managing the system to allow or disallow certain devices.

Every Charlotte business is different and will require a tailored approach to their wireless network setup. The Network Essentials team works diligently to ensure that our clients have wireless networks that support and transform their business workflows – providing the capability for greater efficiency.

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