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Network Essentials and Eaton are recognized leaders in the IT industry.

Together we provide the quality Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Solutions to keep your business running and secure.

We offer a broad set of power quality solutions that deliver protection for everything from PCs and workstations, to large infrastructure and complex data centers.

Together we design the right solutions to meet your power-supply needs.

Did You Know? 

  • Power interruptions cause 1/3 of all server failures.
  • Sags in power cause 87% of all computer crashes.
  • Power problems are the number-one cause of desktop computer failures and data loss.

UPS from Network Essentials and Eaton provide protection from all these instances. It offers your Charlotte business:

  • Instant backup power if a blackout, brownout, or other power problems occur.
  • Protection from power sags, spikes, surges, lightning strikes and more.

Don’t wait until the next power failure robs you of your data, your computers, and your business.

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