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Microsoft announces new vigorous security prevention for Microsoft Office 365 Home and Microsoft Office 365 Personal subscribers.

Ransomware Office 365

It’s happened again! Another ransomware cyber-attack. Sensitive data is held hostage until the cybercriminal receives their ransom payment. This time it was a small Mid-west manufacturing company. The Human Resources department didn’t think it would happen to them. They had off-the-shelf virus protection installed and thought Ransomware was no longer a threat to them.

Across the globe, large, small and home offices, hospitals, schools and universities, banks and credit unions, even individuals are targets. Now, then ever before, the online community is witnessing greater refinement with computer viruses, ransomware attacks, and phishing scams. Pervasive attacks from malicious cybercriminals are not slowing down. Their attacks come with epic harm and extortion to their unsuspecting victims.

Over the counter, fixes, won’t stop the threats.

According to Microsoft’s blog, if you are an Office 365 Home or Office 365 Personal subscriber, you already get best-in-class apps like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel as well as powerful cloud services like OneDrive and

But Microsoft never stops increasing security protection. They continuously pay close attention to the growing, global, cyber threats, which disrupts their customer’s application experience.

Currently, they provide strong security for Office services.

  • Encryption for in transit and at rest
  • Powerful antivirus protection with Windows Defender
  • Link checking and attachment scanning for known viruses and phishing threats

But their newest cutting-edge defence mission will go from strong security to vigorous protection. According to Kirk Koenigsbauer, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365, on April 5, 2018, Microsoft announced, “new advanced protection capabilities coming to Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal subscribers to help further protect individuals and families from online threats.”

This news is good for the home office, small and mid-range businesses, who’s ever-growing dependancy and go-to office suite, Microsoft Office 365 will remain the most widely used and fastest-growing, but now with supercharged ransomware DNA protection.

Let’s review all three cutting-edge protections you have as a subscriber.

To summarize; the new Microsoft Office 365 vigorous protection covers three key areas:

  1. File recovery from malicious attacks.
  2. Tools that will secure and keep your information private.
  3. Advanced subscriber protection from cybercrime and viruses.

 1. File recovery from malicious attacks

Under your file recovery area, you get two resources to recover your files from a Ransomware attack. 1) Files Restore and 2) Ransomware Detection and Recovery.

Files Restore—This powerful tool from OneDrive for Business, is included with your personal OneDrive account. Now both your personal and company files are protected. To take it a step further you can restore your entire OneDrive up to the last 30 days. Should you get hit with ransomware, file corruption, major accidental deletion, or a cataclysmic event Files Restore will recover your files.

Ransomware detection & recovery—Office 365 now detects ransomware attacks. It can restore your OneDrive files, at the point just before taking them hostage. Now you won’t have to submit to a cybercriminal’s demands. If an attack is detected, first you are contacted through an email, mobile, or desktop notification. Then you are guided through a recovery process.

2. Tools to help keep your information secure and private

If you are sharing a link or sending an email, only the intended recipient(s) should see it. Office 365 has that covered with three new tools to keep your information private and secure.

  • Password protected sharing links—When you share links in OneDrive expect an additional layer of protection. You can set a password and require its use when sharing a file or folder. If someone forwards or shares your link and doesn’t have the password, there is no access.
  • Email encryption— Not encrypting a connection, makes it easy for hackers to snatch and read your communication. is now offering an added layer of protection. The added layer guarantees end-to-end encryption of your email. With email encryption, your emails stay encrypted over a secure connection.
  • Prevent forwarding—Restricting your email recipients from forwarding or copying emails, you send from, is now available. Also, Microsoft Office documents attached to these emails are encrypted even after downloading. Whoever shares or forwards your attachment, their recipient will not be able to open the attachment. Finally, emails sent with the Prevent Forwarding option are also encrypted.

3. Advanced subscriber protection from cybercrime and viruses

In October, Microsoft announced advanced link checking and attachment scanning in These features protect you from unseen viruses and phishing scams previously overlooked. With advanced subscriber protection,  giving away your sign-in credential gets harder for cybercriminals to grab.

Advanced link checking in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint—Later this year, links clicked in Powerpoint, Excel, and Word will have real-time checking. You’ll want to know if the destination website is likely to download malware onto your computer or if it’s related to a phishing scam. If the link is suspicious, you will be redirected to a warning screen recommending you don’t access the site. Advanced link checking is vital protection, especially in places you encounter links.

Let’s Recap

Our discussion has focused on new, intensified security for Microsoft Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal subscribers.

They are:

  1. File recovery from malicious attacks comes with Files Recovery and Ransomware detection & recovery.
  2. Tools that will secure and keep your information private comes with Password protected sharing links, Email encryption and Prevent forwarding.
  3. Advanced subscriber protection from cybercrime and viruses comes with Advanced link checking in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

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