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When any company thinks about switching IT Support companies in Charlotte, it’s a serious decision and not usually made lightly. Something led up to it or resentment was building. When you search online, to find out why any company parted ways with an IT vendor, most of the results circle back to ten negative interactive responses. Which led the CEO, Business Owner or top decision maker to reach out and find a new IT Company.

Meaning, if you drove by your vendor’s office, you probably wouldn’t stop doing business with them because where their building sat, or how many vehicles they had in their fleet, or they are an equal opportunity employer. What ended the partnership was a series of negative interactions or lack of accountability towards you or your staff, that finally did it for you.

To show you what we mean, if we stopped you on the street today in Charlotte and presented four IT Support questions to you, what do you think your answers might be?

Here are the questions:

  • How long ago did you switch vendors?
  • What were your reasons?
  • Was it poor service?
  • Was it something else?

As you mulled over each question, memories of past encounters with that one IT supplier, forced you to move on and find a new IT Support Company in Charlotte. Now let’s assume you have never made the switch, but your current provider’s interactions is starting to make you rethink that partnership.

What Are The Warning Signs and is Now a Good Time To Find a New IT Support Vendor In Charlotte?

A decision like this you must think long and hard on. Switching from one IT company to another can be done, but it is not as simple as moving your account from one vendor over to another. There will be the necessary transition time, new procedures and protocols a new supplier implements when taking over.

Below are the Top 10 Warning Signs it’s time for you to reach out and switch to a new IT Support Company in Charlotte, like Network Essentials, to help you transition from a bad vendor relationship to an open-door partnership.

Warning Sign #1. Vendor Makes Promises – Then Breaks Them And Your Left Waiting

You’ve sent in a service ticket. Within 15-20 minutes you receive a call from the vendor stating when a technician will arrive and guarantees the scheduled time. That time comes and goes and several more hours pass. Still no technician. You call back, and now the vendor is advising it will be several more hours before they arrive and there is nothing they can do. So, you are left waiting for the technician.

Warning Sign #2. Vendor’s Customer Service Went Down Hill

Back when you signed on with the vendor, they had excellent customer service. Those whom you spoke with on the phone were polite, well-mannered and knew exactly how to assist you. Over time when you had to call in again, the representatives seemed irritated by your call. When they put you through to a technician, you went straight to a voicemail. You called back to let them know all you got was a voice mail and requested they send you to someone you could speak with, but again you went to another voicemail.

Warning Sign #3. Vendor’s Support Desk Places Caller On Hold For Long Periods Of Time

You had to call in and speak to someone at the Support Desk and then placed on hold. About 5-minutes later one of the vendor’s staff picks up the phone, and you explain the problem. Call receiver mentions they will be right back and asks if they can put you on a brief hold. You agree, but the caller doesn’t return. One minute turns in to five. Five minutes turns into twenty. Twenty turns into an hour. You’re finally forced to hang up and call back and repeat the cycle and wait even longer this time.

Warning Sign #4. Vendor’s Technician Speaks Down to Customer or Uses Words They Do Not Understand and Confuses Them

A brilliant and tech-savvy technician arrives, and after their service call completed, they begin to speak to the customer in a demeaning way, as if the customer was guilty of something. Pointing out what they are doing wrong, what they need to change, why their system might fail and so on. Through his explanation, the technician starts using “IT Jargon” leaving the customer wondering what the service person was referring to and very confused.

Warning Sign #5. Vendor Does Not Have Multiple Customer Service Channels

When you have an IT Support issue, you hope there are multiple ways to contact the company. Either by phone, email, live chat, text, service ticket or client portal. But, some vendors only use telephone and email. When they will not answer the phone or respond to their email, you are forced to wait for them to contact you.

Warning Sign #6. Vendor Continues Interrupting and Not Listening

You’ve been trying to explain the new changes your company wants to the vendor for about 30 minutes. Except for every time you start to speak the supplier interrupts you. When you describe what you wish to accomplish, the vendor turns the conversation away from your discussion to talk about a different matter altogether.

Warning Sign #7. Vendor Has Hidden or Unexpected Fees and Withholds Key Information

In many vendor contracts, the full disclosure of pricing and fees omitted, or the contract language is vague. It is a common practice seen with non-reputable vendors. For instances, your system goes down, and the vendor has to send a technician out after hours. A couple of days later, a bill arrives in the mail for the emergency service call, which you were told the contract covered. As you review your contract you learn emergency service calls; it turns out, are not included.

Warning Sign #8. Vendor Recommends Only Low-Quality Product Fixes or Services

Some vendors have built their business on break/fix problem solutions. Only fix it when it breaks. They will recommend you do not need your equipment replaced or updated. Their business practice is to keep you up and running until the next break/fix occurs and you have to call them again.

Warning Sign #9. Vendor Purposely Keeps an IT Issue Unresolved

This vendor deliberately will find more reasons not to resolve your IT issues. Typically, it is a practice to keep you paying for the same service over and over, as though you were a cash cow, or you get wise to their tactics.

Warning Sign #10. Vendor Will Not Stay Up To Date On Industry Changes

In your industry, like most industries in this day and age, there is always changes. New laws, new regulations, faster equipment, further training, and so on. Vendors that will not stay current can put your livelihood at risk, especially when it comes to federal compliance laws and regulations.

What’s Your Next Step?

As you read through each warning sign, we hope it gave you food for thought, and a chance to revisit your partnership with your existing vendor. If you’d like to reach out to a new IT Support Company in Charlotte for some additional information, the contact information is below.