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small business alumni
The Network Essentials team understands how important self-improvement and non-stop growth are to our business’ success. In a world where business and technology are always evolving, it’s vital that business leaders invest their time in learning everything they can.

That’s why our very own Kyle Elworthy applied and was accepted to — and recently graduated — from Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses, an intensive entrepreneurship training program at Babson College. As one of over 145 participants, hailing from 38 states across the nation, Elworthy took part in both online and face-to-face courses to learn more about job creation and economic growth.

“We’re proud of our graduates of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Initiative. These entrepreneurs put forth incredible effort to complete this program and we are confident their efforts will continue in growing their businesses. We are excited to watch their many successes,” said Kerry Healey, President of Babson College, in a press release.

Since starting the course in February, Elworthy and the other participants worked with peers and members from Babson College, learning to develop tailored growth plans that include a range of vital considerations:

  • Opportunity identification
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Financial management
  • Leadership
  • Negotiations
  • Marketing

The training was developed and delivered by experts from Babson College, working with members from small businesses nationwide, representing a combination of more than 174M in revenue and 3,000 jobs. The 10,000 Small Businesses program has run since 2010, with Babson College and Goldman Sachs now having worked with more than 850 entrepreneurs in the last seven years.

Quoting Kyle,  “This was such an impactful program that essentially was an entrepreneurial masters degree crammed into a thirteen week program. I learned so much that I didn’t understand about being an entrepreneur and business owner considering I have owned businesses for over 20 years.  The biggest impact next to the education was the lifelong friends and networking connections I was fortunate to create.  Doing business with people you trust and like is easier and the referrals that develop from people with similar experiences are much more impactful.”

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