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Relocating your business is stressful enough without having to deal with your technology – why not leave it to Network Essentials instead?

There are few things more exciting than a new beginning. Moving your business into a fresh space can be the start of great things to come – but it can also be a source of major stress, especially where your technology is concerned. Transferring your IT infrastructure from one location to a new location isn’t necessarily as simple as tossing your old hardware into boxes, carting them across town to the new building, and plugging everything back in. There’s a little bit more to it.

Office Relocation Charlotte

Moving an office can be exhausting to even think about — not only do you have to gather up all the empty coffee mugs and files, but you have to completely re-create your business technology and infrastructure in a new location. Here are the 5 key questions you should be asking yourself right now:

  1. How can I ensure the appropriate bandwidth/Internet connectivity so that my staff properly connected on the first day of business at the new location?
  2. How will I perform a comprehensive site survey to ensure everything is considered?
  3. How will I go about laying out and implementing phone access at my new location?
  4. Do I know what’s involved in the physical security of my new location?
  5. Have I considered any technology pitfalls? (Is there enough power in the server closet? Am I familiar with the building codes for any wiring? Do I have building access to the telephone closet?)

With all of the other challenges coming your way, wouldn’t it be great to be able to pass off the tech portion of your move to a trusted partner in IT like Network Essentials?

“Simple” may not be how you imagine the moving process to be when you consider all of the hundreds or thousands of moving parts that are involved in your business systems, but Network Essentials will make a believer out of you! We have extensive experience in IT projects like this, working with businesses to ensure that operations flow smoothly from one location to the next. Any time your business operations are down, you’re losing money — and that is certainly not a state that you want to maintain for any period of time.

When you engage the professionals at Network Essentials early in the process, we’re able to work with you and the building maintenance teams to ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible. We can even work with you to optimize specifics such as where Wi-Fi hotspots should be placed, the optimal location for wiring and phone systems, and more.

Dealing with older, outdated, and legacy equipment? We can help you bring all of your IT systems, telephone systems, and communication networks up-to-date so you can take full advantage of the move to make a change without spending a fortune. You may find that when you’re moving is an ideal time for this type of change from a personel perspective, too.

The Network Essentials team of IT professionals knows just how to work with building maintenance teams to gain access to critical information and areas such as riser rooms and communications systems. Let us put our experience to work for you to make your next corporate move a breeze!

Getting your technology up and running again requires careful planning, figuring out what needs to be in place ahead of time, and understanding that there is more to your IT environment than just technology.

The Network Essentials team can help you get your office set up exactly the way you need it to be by:

  • Mapping out and installing needed cabling, allowing your hardware to go just where it should
  • Ordering new hardware and equipment to update and improve your infrastructure
  • Setting up workstations
  • Installing and testing wireless Internet technology
  • Configuring network setting for printers, scanners, etc.
  • Setting up server racks and other needed hardware support
  • Coordinating with vendors to bring services such as Internet and phone back online
  • Ensuring endpoint protections and other IT security components are installed and configured correctly
  • Verifying that all needed systems and processes are in place, including data backups, remote access capabilities, and email servers

Setting up a new location can be complicated, but with the right support, it doesn’t have to be stressful. Before you tackle your moving to-do list, considering handing off the technology aspect to a team of professionals that have the experience and knowledge needed to make your move a success.

Planning a move in the near future? Get in touch with Network Essentials today at (704) 206-8880 or, and let our experts start organizing and strategizing everything your business needs for a smooth setup.