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Your Generosity Helped Us Raise Nearly 5000 Lbs. of Equipment!

Network Essentials partnered with Greentek Recycling Solutions to raise funds for The Lunch Project, a nonprofit organization that strives to raise money for the purpose of empowering communities through the support of school lunch programs in Tanzania and education programs for Charlotte area schools that emphasize empathy, community, and problem-solving.

The Lunch Project: A Worthy Cause to Give Kids the Fuel They Need to Learn!

Tanzania is a developing country with many individuals living in impoverished conditions, however, the country has an important goal to achieve: ensuring 100% of children are enrolled in primary school. Unfortunately, children who are hungry tend to struggle with staying awake and concentrating.

The Lunch Project aims to help these children through ensuring school lunch programs are available – giving them a hot lunch during the school day to make sure they’re well equipped to learn. We believe this is a fantastic cause; and we’re truly appreciative of everyone who helped us donate.

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of those who came out and helped us on April 22nd, 2015, we were able to raise just under 5000 Lbs. of equipment, which in turn, allowed us to donate a substantial amount of money as $.05 for every pound of electronic scrap gets donated to the Lunch Project!

About the Local Education Program

The Lunch Project offers an education program for schools and community groups throughout the Charlotte area – teaching and inspiring service in children for the purpose of tapping into the natural empathy and sense of fairness within every child and empowering them to become problem-solvers in the world.

Rebecca Wofford, Founder and Executive Director of the Lunch Project, explained, “The Lunch Project offers an education program to Charlotte-area elementary schools giving kids here the fuel to learn as well. The program taps into kids’ natural empathy by examining cultural similarities and differences between our community and a Tanzanian child’s community and engages kids in creative problem-solving for global good.”

Interested in getting more involved? Click here to find out what you can do or give us a call at (704) 206-8880. We truly appreciate each and every individual who helped us donate to such a worthy cause!