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Is There a Difference Between IT Support for Business and IT Support for Home Users?

The simple answer is, “Yes! IT support for business is WAY different from supporting home clients.”


  • Business IT systems are exponentially more complex than home networks.
  • Businesses have to compete and do business in a global marketplace.
  • Business technology pushes the boundaries of what is possible in order to gain and maintain a competitive edge over the competition.
  • Most companies in Charlotte have one or more of the following: remote employees, work from home employees, branch offices, and multiple locations.

What IT Support Companies Really Do for Businesses in Charlotte NC? – The Scoop

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of services that you can – and should – expect from a professional business technology support company, let’s talk about what that company’s goals should be.

  • Goal #1 – Provide you with a reliable technology foundation for your business processes.
  • Goal #2 – Keep your business technology secure against unauthorized access and horizon-level threats.
  • Goal #3 – Work diligently to ensure near-zero downtime – so your productivity and profit are not impacted by IT troubles.
  • Goal #4 – Integrate, automate, and innovate to help you bring greater efficiency to your processes.
  • Goal #5 – Provide high-level IT consulting that gives you the IT information you need to make the big decisions.

Once you find an IT support company in Charlotte that can clearly articulate those pro-growth goals (and can tell you how they are going to reach those goals), you should then begin to look at the services that they offer. A professional IT support team should offer a range of IT services geared to make a positive impact on their clients’ businesses.

Some of the IT services that you should be looking for are:

Did you notice how many of the IT services that we have mentioned have the word “managed” in them?

Why is that?

IT management is one of the differentiators between IT support for home or micro-business and IT support for Charlotte NC businesses that are serious about protecting their processes and growing their businesses.

What is IT Management?

IT Management is an approach to technology support that is completely different than the break/fix model. In the break/fix model, your computer starts acting up, and you call your computer-fix-it guy to come and get it running again. IT Management is different in that it focuses on the ongoing maintenance and monitoring of your IT assets to keep them from breaking down to begin with. The IT management model is a professional IT support delivery model that provides optimal performance and uptime.

How to Contact IT Support in Charlotte NC – Without Hassle or Call Centers

You know why employees cringe when the boss tells them to “call tech support.” They know that it’s likely that they are going to be on hold for long periods of time and even have to deal with offshore call centers. It’s just not anyone’s idea of fun.

What would your employees rather you say?

They’d rather you say, “Call the Network Essentials team.”

What’s so special about Network Essentials IT support?

All of our calls are fielded from our offices right here in the USA, and we won’t make you wait on hold “for the next available agent.” Why? We hate being on hold as much as you do! We’ll make sure your calls and emails get through to the right team member and will deal with any IT issue you face efficiently and in accordance with the service level agreement that we have in place with you.

How IT Support for Business Works – The Process

  • Assessment – Reviewing what you already have in place to determine what changes need to be made and vulnerabilities need to be remediated.
  • Reporting – Delivering an executive summary of our findings from the assessment stage to your company leadership.
  • Protect – Ensuring that your hardware, network, data, and applications have appropriate defenses against unauthorized access.
  • Migration – Consolidating IT assets and applications for the most efficient IT environment possible.
  • Integration – Making all your IT assets and applications work together.
  • Automation – Eliminating wasted time and resources by automating repetitive manual processes.
  • Optimization – Looking for ways to tailor your IT environment to the way you and your employees work – for greater efficiency.
  • Manage – Implementing an ongoing strategy of operational monitoring and maintenance to keep each element of your IT systems running optimally and securely.

Can’t Understand Your Business IT Support People? – What To Do.

We hear it all the time from new clients coming to us. They’re frustrated because either their former IT support team was outsourcing their help desk support to an overseas provider and there was a language barrier, or they had local IT support here in Charlotte that couldn’t break IT problems down and use plain English in their explanations.

These scenarios only lead to confusion and frustration.

What should you do?

Make the switch to Network Essentials.

The Network Essentials team focuses on keeping you happy and informed. We don’t route your phone calls to cheaper help desk labor overseas, and we will always take the time to explain what the problem is, what we need to do, and what we are doing to get and keep your systems running. We believe that answering all of your questions is part of our job and that plain English and transparency are far superior to “tech speak.”

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