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Network Essentials was established to provide enterprise-class IT services and support for small to mid-size businesses.

We stay up to date and current in terms of continuously searching for innovative new technologies to assist our wide-range of clients with unique needs. We truly believe our passion for technology can help you focus on your core business while improving productivity and profitability. We know what works and we deliver exceptional results.

Our Founder

Our founder, Kyle Elworthy, started Network Essentials to satiate his need to continue learning about technology. His interest in technology started as a hobby at an early age, when his best friend’s dad, Herb, handled the computer system at the White House under the Carter administration. Kyle continued with computers as a hobby throughout the next 20 years.

When his former business, a t-shirt and apparel company, used computers for almost every aspect of the company; he started looking for a way to move orders more efficiently through each step of the process. Kyle and Herb decided to create a network, which allowed him to gain an understanding of how to cable token ring, NT 3.5. After successfully making it happen, he realized the power of the network.

Prior to Network Essentials, Kyle was moving from company to company to set up systems and help them meet business objectives and stay within budget. Once the systems were ready for “maintenance” mode, Kyle would find another position. During this time, he was able to see how other IT companies were operating and providing service. He knew he could provide a higher level of service for businesses.

Our Vision

We strive to provide cutting-edge IT services, along with exceptional customer service, in order to meet your unique needs. As we continue to evolve, our experience allows us to be an innovator in delivering better solutions and services for small to mid-size businesses.

Our Services

While we started as a value added reseller, we decided to switch to managed services in 2005. Our managed IT services are designed to ensure:

  • Your technology always works.
  • You’re able to consistently budget for IT expenses.
  • You can focus on your core business.
  • You have access to knowledgeable IT experts for guidance.
  • You can mitigate the risks associated with IT.

Our team of IT professionals take responsibility for all aspects of your IT operations.

To learn more about our IT services and support, give us a call at (704) 206-8880 or send us an email at Network Essentials can handle all aspects of your IT operations at an affordable, flat rate fee.