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Speed has always fascinated the human mind and inspired our ambitions.

1000BT Ethernet

Did you know?

  • The fastest production car in the world is the Koenigsegg Agera RS. This Swedish made car has been clocked at 277.9 mph.
  • The current land speed record is held by Andy Green of the RAF. His jet-powered vehicle, the Thrust SSC, pushed into the history books in 1997 with a speed of 763.035 mph.
  • The X-43 stands at the front of the “fastest jets in the world” with a bone-crushing speed of Mach 9.6.
  • The water speed record is held by Ken Warby of Australia. His “boat,” The Spirit of Australia, delivered a speed of 318 mph way back in 1978.

So, does your business feel the need for speed?

Upgrading your ethernet may be the key.

Many businesses like yours thought that they would be okay with 1000Base-T Ethernet.

And they would have been just fine if everything had frozen in time in 1998.

But as you are aware, technology has made progress in leaps and bounds since that time.

With every advance in hardware, communications, and function comes a dramatic increase in the bandwidth and speed needed to support those advancements.

For small to mid-size companies today, the 100Base-T isn’t cutting it anymore.

For example, if a company has 145 employees, is running 132 computers, and 19 printers – besides laptops, tablets, and smartphones on their wireless network – that company is going to run into speed and bandwidth issues quickly.

So what do you, as a company leader, do about this problem?

Well, right now you have a speed capacity near one gigabite of data per second. You’re getting your work done, but you’re running into roadblocks and headaches. The lack of capacity is slowing down your processes, delaying your projects, and frustrating your employees.

If you’ve done any reading on the internet at all, you know that there are better, more modern options out there and that’s what you want, but which to choose?

One option, the 10 Gigabit Ethernet, would give you ten times the speed you have now with the 1000Base-T ethernet and is based on fiber optic technology.

Another option that delivers up to ten times the speed you currently have is the ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) technology. ATM technology works on existing networks but delivers data within pre-determined fast-packet “cells.”

These two options, of course, are only the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to modern ethernet options. Once you have determined the ethernet selection that is right for you, the complexity is only beginning. Configurations of ethernet designs can have dozens if not hundreds of variations that can impact function.

Who is going to lead you through the maze of modern ethernet options?

As we have already noted, moving from your 1000Base-T Ethernet to something that is more modern and will fit your growing workflow and communications demands is not as easy as picking a box of cereal off the shelf at the grocery store.

The process of designing an ethernet for a mid-size business is closer to understanding what your body needs for breakfast, formulating a recipe, building machinery to produce your recipe into cereal, then packaging it to go on the store shelf. It’s that complex.

Fortunately, there are companies such as Network Essentials here in Charlotte that deal with business networks and business wireless networks on a daily basis.

IT consultants from Network Essentials guide business leaders through the painstaking process of evaluating their current speed and bandwidth usage and forecasting their bandwidth and speed needs regarding planned business growth.

The Network Essentials team helps Charlotte companies just like yours move into the technology of the 21st century. Part of this preparation, if needed, is the upgrade of essential IT infrastructure such as Ethernet and wireless networks.

What else does Network Essentials do to help the mid-size business?

  • Managed IT ServicesManaged IT Services is a subscription-based IT support model that provides a client company with all the IT care, management, maintenance, monitoring, and help desk service they need in exchange for a set monthly fee.
  • Managed SecurityManaged Security is another monthly subscription offering. It focuses on the cybersecurity posture of the client company and keeping company and client data safe.
  • Business CommunicationsBecause communications – instant messaging, voice, and video – are increasingly internet-based, it’s essential for a company to have someone on their side to ensure that their communication systems operate as they should.
  • Office 365 SupportWhile it’s relatively simple to sign up for an Office 365 subscription, migrating an entire office to Office 365 and configuring it to fit a company’s internal processes can be quite complex. Network Essentials assists in this process and ensures the ongoing function of the Office 365 software.
  • VirtualizationWhen companies want to save money, electricity, and the planet while harnessing the power of global mobility and flexibility, they move toward virtualization. By using virtual desktops and servers, a company can achieve more with less.

While the above services are only a sampling of the IT offerings available through Network Essentials, they serve to give you, the reader, an understanding of the variety of services available and the IT expertise that the Network Essentials team leverages for your business success.

Is your Charlotte business having trouble with bandwidth and speed? Are you stuck with an old 1000Base-T ethernet and need to upgrade? You can contact the IT professionals of Network Essentials for a needs assessment and pricing on a more modern ethernet configuration.

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