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You’re Not Alone. You Need An Electronic Document Management From Network Essentials.

Studies show that employees spend up to 40% of their time trying to find information they need.  Think what your business could do with another 40% of productive time! Make your list now, because Network Essentials can give you back this time, and more!

Our Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution provides document scanning, image management, and accurate retrieval to help you manage your documents with ease.

It’s the most powerful document management system available today. Plus it’s easy to use.  A simple retrieval request gives you and your staff immediate access to every file in your system. Emailing, faxing, or printing your documents are just one click away!

EDM From Network Essentials:

  • Is easily scalable, so it grows alongside your business.
  • Improves your staff’s productivity.
  • Helps you and your staff find the correct documents the first time.
  • Saves time and reduces expenses by automating tasks.

Finally there’s a cost-effective, easy solution for document management and retrieval needs. Call us at (704) 206-8880, or email us at for a no-obligation demonstration of our EDM.