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When it comes to data recovery planning, you need a strategy that fits your business computing network and IT infrastructure. Your enterprise requires a level of data center security and recovery that best fits your operations framework and goals, which is why Network Essentials partners with you to provide the kind of data recovery Charlotte NC businesses across all industries can rely on to deliver what’s promised. We also provide the kind of hands-on, managed data recovery Charlotte area businesses have come to expect these days, which challenges us to perfect our IT support platform further.

Data Recovery: The Backbone of Your Venture

Many SMB enterprisers these days are concerned about having their sensitive data stored offsite in “the cloud”. But, where else should it be when disaster strikes your business in the form of a fire, flood, or other devastating natural – or human disaster, such as insider data breach? The answer is clear – cloud-based data backup and disaster recovery solutions are what allow businesses to keep running in full continuity when or if disaster hits.

Network Essentials provides fast, reliable data recovery solutions Charlotte NC business owners can count on, including:

  • Guaranteed secondary secure location for an additional level of backup
  • Reliable backup of servers, databases, and virtual machines
  • Guidance and support for any cloud configuration
  • Individual encryption keys for each client for ultimate security and privacy
  • Quick and reliable restore capabilities with full replication of files and images

Data Backup and Recovery is Your Future

If you’re running a business that utilizes sophisticated IT infrastructure and data networking and expect to be doing business in the future, you need to have adequate data backup and recovery. Our clients have come to rely on us as their source for IT services, including the type of solutions for data recovery Charlotte NC area businesses trust. We make remote data backup as secure as possible by colocation of your data center, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is being looked after safely, 24/7/365.

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