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Cybersecurity has been at the forefront of both national and international news in recent days. Even with all of this media attention, leaders of businesses are still prone to underestimate their risk exposure while overestimating the coverage that their cyber risk insurance affords them.

Unfortunately, many business owners and board members of companies are unaware of their risk profile when it comes to cyber-crime. Whether they face something like IT Fraud, IT Theft, or a Privacy Breach, the damage to their company would be in the thousands of dollars – if they are fortunate. The truth is, it could cost into the millions.

When it comes to cyber-crime, the impact to the small to mid-sized business goes far beyond the initial breach of security. Some of the unexpected perils that companies face today as a result of an intrusion are:

  • Interruption of Business
  • The Cost of Investigating the Attack
  • The Cost of Responding to the Attack
  • Loss of Customers (and sales) as a Result of a Privacy Breach
  • Identity Theft (even with biometric protocols)
  • Permanent Damage to the Brand (reputation)

It is for these reasons, that Network Essentials has felt it prudent to make others aware of the threats that are injuring businesses across the globe today.

On April 29th from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm, Network Essentials will be hosting an event for business leaders at the Old Mecklenburg Brewery (4150 Yancey Rd, Charlotte, NC 28217). The theme of the event will be “Why Small and Mid-Sized Businesses are Major Targets for Cybercrime”.

This may very well be the event that saves your company from the dire prospect of dealing with a cyber-attack.

The Network Essentials Cybersecurity event will feature key insight from a number of expert members of the cybersecurity world, including:

  • FBI Special Agent David Katkowski, who will present “Who is the FBI?”, as well as discuss the type of cases the Cyber Crime division works on and the general state of cyber threats today.
  • David Muran De-Assereto, VP of Cyber Security State Street, who will discuss  the general state of cyber threats both globally and locally, as well as the state of IT Cyber Security.
  • Kyle Elworthy, Network Essentials, will finish up the discussion by explaining the 10 things that small and midsized businesses should be doing to protect themselves.

In addition to these outstanding presenters, representatives from Google Fiber Charlotte Team and Dell SonicWall will also be present to answer questions of attendees relating to cyber security.

Those business leaders who attend are invited to stick around after the event for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Old Mecklenburg Brewery and to sample some of their products.

Network Essentials has set up this event to help you to protect your company by making you aware of the latest and most dangerous threats facing business today. Visit to RSVP now.