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Network Essentials is proud to partner with Knowbe4, the leading security awareness training firm in the country.

Leveraging Knowbe4, we train your employees in cybersecurity measures and protocols.  Our unique style of teaching includes simulated hacking and phishing attempts – enabling your employees to know what to look for when using your systems.

The Knowbe4 training consists of high-quality videos that make learning easy for your employees.  It is convenient, accessible, and scaled to the size of your organization and budget.

Our training program and materials meet the criteria for standard continuing education requirements and are accepted by most industry compliance standards.

Partnering with Network Essentials for employee training gives you unique training assets.

  • Phishing security tests—This simple tool provides access to you as to what percentage of your users are prone to phishing attempts.
  • Phish alert buttons—Knowbe4 installs phish alert buttons to allow your staff to forward any suspicious activity to our security team with only one click.
  • Domain spoof tests—Domain spoof testing is a one time free service offered by Knowbe4 to assess if your domain is at risk.
  • Weak password tests—Strengthen all passwords used to protect your data by implementing strict criteria for password generation.
  • Email exposure checks—Find out which emails are most at risk for phishing attacks with the frequent checks for email exposure.
  • Ransomware simulator tools—Ransom, our Ransomware simulator, takes your employees through a mock Ransomware attack to teach them what to look for in the event you fear your security may be compromised.
  • USB security tests—Beaconized file technology allows you to use any USB drive to track and geo-map all of your data, so you know where it is and how it is accessed at all times.

Get your staff proactive training from Network Essentials – so you never have to be reactive!

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