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Network Essentials is pleased to welcome our latest client, Packard Place, located in Charlotte, NC. Packard Place acts as an incubator and community center for start-up companies to access technology, education, and hands-on assistance for the purpose of designing, building, marketing, and delivering innovation and solutions. Their mission is to develop a professional community for businesses to quickly grow and succeed.

When start-up companies leverage their services, they’re able to use their “garage” area on the first floor to collaborate with their partners and other startups. In addition, they’re able to access their wireless network. Once the start-up company grows, they’re able to move upstairs and purchase a “dedicated network” for a monthly fee.

The Situation: Unstable Network Performance & Improper Internal Subnetting.

Packard Place was experiencing various issues with multiple devices in their building, such as:

  • A lack of IP addresses for each device.
  • IP addresses assigned for longer than necessary.
  • Security issues surrounding users’ devices downloading torrent files.
  • Improper management of dedicated building bandwidth.

In addition, many of their clients were kicked of the network during critical times, such as online meetings and conference calls.

The Resolution: More IP Addresses In The Building & Divided Networks For Each Company In The Building. This Provided Each Start-Up Company Their Own Dedicated Network

Packard Place now benefits from two 2-FortiGate – 200D Firewalls and 10-FortiAP 221B Access Points, as well as 5 new HP 1910 48G managed switches, to deliver high-speed network performance and reliable security.

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