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Working with an IT company that just isn’t cutting it? Stop letting your business suffer.

Charlotte IT Company

Finding the right match for your business is all about finding a company that’s willing to give reliable support and top-of-the-line services. If you’re dealing with insufficient IT and support, don’t wait around until you encounter a crippling issue to realize you need to move on.

Here are 7 strategic reasons why now may be the time for you to find a new IT company. 

  • You Deserve The Best

Did you just go for the cheapest IT company because of their price or because they’re a friend of a friend? That’s probably why your service is suffering. The most expensive work isn’t always the best, but you can’t sell yourself short when it’s time to protect your business and get access to the right tools.

  • Regular Maintenance is Essential

IT systems require regular maintenance from your computer service company to keep them running effectively. If your current team isn’t providing regular upgrades and maintenance, they’re leaving your system vulnerable.

  • Strategic Planning Cuts Costs

Unlike many IT service companies, we work with your budget and unique requirements to craft a strategic IT plan. You’ll always be kept up to date on maintenance, future upgrades, and other important details about your system.

  • Mobile Devices Need Protection

We know your employees are using mobile devices in the office and to access company data and files from other locations – we provide mobile solutions so you can be sure that devices are protected wherever they go.

  • Our Past is Full of Successes Stories

We don’t have a past to hide – in fact, our website provides case studies and comments from past clients who have found success working with us.

  • Disaster Recovery Plans Will Save Your Business

Disasters strike at the most inopportune times. Having a business continuity plan in place will keep your company functioning after a hardware issue or system breach.

  • There’s No Time to Waste

Hackers and cybercriminals work quickly and just a small amount of downtime often means the end of a business. Stop settling for IT services and support that aren’t cutting it. Let us provide the best technology and solutions for your needs and ensure you know exactly how to use them to stay one step ahead of your competition.

To get setup with the best technology services in Charlotte you need a reliable and knowledgeable IT company to help. Contact Network Essentials at or by phone at (704) 206-8880 to watch your business thrive.