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Trying to find the best IT company in Charlotte, Mooresville, Gastonia or even Rock Hill to fit your needs?

Charlotte IT Companies

It doesn’t have to be as hard as you think.

You just need to know the right questions to ask. Don’t get locked into a contract without getting all the information first. You need to be sure the IT team you’re working with is going to be able to provide for all of your unique technology needs. So what should you be asking when interviewing perspective IT companies in Charlotte?

  • Where is your past experience?

A quick way to determine if the IT company you’re talking to is really prepared to handle your technology needs is to ask about whether they’ve worked with businesses similar to yours in the past. If so, they may already have a good idea of the services you’ll require. If not, you can inquire how their previous work stacks up with your own business requirements.

  • What geographical areas do you cover?

If part of your business’s future plans include expanding or moving, it’s important to know what areas the IT Company you have in mind covers so that you’ll always be taken care of.

  • What is your guaranteed response time?

You need to inquire about whether your IT company offers a guaranteed response time in case of a system breach – keep in mind that it may depend on the level of support you’re willing to pay for. You should immediately be provided with a number of ways to contact your team in case of a problem, and they should be able to easily contact you in case of any issues.

  • Are you able to catch and resolve issues before they cause downtime?

Knowing that your IT company guarantees a response time after an issue is crucial, but it may be even more important to know that they’re dedicated to catching issues before they cripple your system. We provide 24/7 monitoring and regular maintenance to catch issues before they do harm and lead to downtime, lost productivity and lost wages.

  • When can we begin?

When your questions have been answered to your satisfaction, it’s time to inquire how quickly your support team will be able to get you set up and secured.

To get set up with an IT company that’s willing to answer all of your questions and back them up with real results fit for your needs, contact Network Essentials at or by phone at (704) 206-8880.