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Network Essentials’ VoIP is the Solution.

Our Business Communication Systems Is:

  • Simple – Easy to use, with clear and fast transmissions over the Internet.
  • Flexible – Make and take calls from all over the world from your laptop or mobile devices.
  • Cost-Effective – Save 30% to 50% compared to traditional phone bills.

VoIP, or Voice-over-Internet-Protocol, offers a more reliable and economical way to communicate.  And, Network Essentials’ VoIP can give you the competitive edge your business has been searching for. 

With affordable, reliable, and user-friendly travel options, you can stay connected wherever you have an Internet connection. And our multi-phone and real-time displays give you access to:

  • Conference Calling – Speak with multiple people at the same time through your laptop or mobile device.
  • Smart Voice Mails – Never miss another important phone call with messages that are immediately emailed directly to your computer or smartphone.
  • Unlimited Extensions – Increase your mailboxes as your needs increase and never stress over a shortage of storage.
  • Transfer & Auto-Attendant: All calls will be answered, forwarded and recorded for you.
  • Call Forwarding: Use your Web-interface to forward calls to any number in the world.

Forget antiquated and costly phone plans, long-distance services, and extra phone lines running through your office—Switch to VoIP from Network Essentials. Contact us at (704) 206-8880, or email us at for a complimentary demonstration.