Founded in 2002, Network Essentials specializes in a wide range of services, including tailored solution-oriented IT services for small and medium businesses that are headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are committed to providing all of our clients with the highest quality IT service and support. Our unique team is incredibly friendly and will help you every step of the way in running and maturing your IT infrastructure. We expertly combine our solution-oriented services in order to provide you with customized support that meets or exceeds your business objectives.

Our innovative approach starts with a thorough assessment of how your company is currently running, understanding how technology relates to your company goals / directives and setting up a plan with timelines and budgets to ensure your company has a roadmap to  success.  It also gives both companies a chance to ensure we are a perfect fit for each other before entering into an agreement.  We are so confident about our ability to exceed your company's expectations that we don't lock you into long-term agreements like our competition does with 1 and 3 year no escape for cause contracts.  We offer an easy 30 day out with notice to all our clients, many are still with us 15 years later.

Let us help you open the doors to more secure and productive technology environment so you can rest easy at night knowing that your network will always perform to your expectations giving you a competitive edge. It is a powerful step knowing that your technology assets are optimized, maintained and protected properly – because ensuring your business' technology is backed-up, secure and highly available is our top priority.

"For the first time I can remember, our employees are just plain happy with our technology!" - David K. GM -service business Charlotte, NC