I got a call today about a business owner needing to terminate his IT manager and he had no idea what assets he had, where credentials were and just expected his employee to do the "right" thing and document their network and kept it current. Turns out, all the accounts were setup in the IT managers personal G-mail account and nothing was documented at all.  This is a serious problem for the business owner.

We have seen this far too often when a company has a single IT employee that has been there for years, or when they have a single person IT Company.  The person is typically to busy or gets t "comfortable: to document when the work is being done and often gets overlooked. In fact, documentation rarely exists in written format,  it is stored in an employees head.  Assets aren't tracked, vendors aren't managed properly to the point where we need to do a discovery assessment which takes an incredible amount of time in some cases where the network is complex. Even worse, they tend to not be as active with the important parts of network managing like security patching, virus protection and continually trying to enhance the computer network.  When it is time to send that employee back to industry, all the intellectual knowledge from the work the employee has done over the years is gone as soon as that employee is walked out the door. This leaves another person or company to come in and assemble a puzzle without the benefit of the original picture to start from.  Worse than a puzzle,  there are locks also in the form of user accounts etc.

Before you get ready to release a key IT employee,  it is a good idea to have an assessment completed which will give you asset listing, security posture as well as an overall picture of all the moving pieces in your network.  Good employees are typically open to these assessments because it helps them do their job better in the best case,  in the worse, it gives you the business owner documentation that will cover your bases if that key employee leaves.

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