Cyber Crime is at an all time high and getting worse daily.  We are on a mission to let business owners know there is more that they can be doing to secure their business.  Most business owners have heard about backing up your data, firewall, possible DNS security and employee training but Multi-factor authentication (MFA)? What is MFA and what is the value to your business?

Multi-factor Authentication builds on security by adding an additional layer to the concept of something you know, your user name and password.  MFA is something you have,  which in its most popular format is an application running on your smart phone. When you attempt to login to an application with your username and password,  you are then prompted for a code from the application.  The code is randomized and changes every 30 seconds or so and adds the layer of something you have to the authentication process. This means in order to log into your application you not only need to know the username and password, but have the token generator to gain access to your data.  This does add another small step but it increases your security by a factor of 10x.

Because e-mail is the biggest target,  we suggest starting with Office 365 as a must.  Our staff is trained for implementing MFA and strongly recommend it as much as possible.  Some people will complain, however the benefits far out weight the outliers.

We specialize in Office 365 Migrations and our newest employee was hired from the security team at Microsoft Office 365. If  you need assistance planning any of these projects give Network Essentials a call today, or fill out the form at the right for a no-obligation consultation.

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