Summertime shows increased travel and work while on the road.  IBM recently released research that indicates that in a survey there is a disconnect between users confidence in their security practices and their actual behavior while traveling (for business or pleasure).  Statistics showed that 70% of Americans have engaged in higher -risk travel behavior that increases IT Security risks.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Connecting to public Wi-FI without VPN connectivity can give attackers access to drop unwanted software on your machine or capture all of your data including passwords and usernames to websites (Banking, shopping etc.)
  • Using public charging stations can also leave your systems vulnerable to attack.  It is better to plug-in your charge adapter and charge that way.
  • Cyber crime capitalizes on major events with phishing campaigns for example World Cup themed attacks
  • Be extra aware of travel related attacks.  The travel industry has been targeted in the past and as a whole is becoming a more targeted industry because of the data and habits that are stored in these sites
  • Summertime employment scams have popped up recently inviting job seekers a link to job databases or other fraudulent sites.  Well known job sites have job seekers flocking to them and don't blindly email people who may or may not have the required experience.
  • Public Wi-Fi in conjunction with systems setup to auto-connect to networks is a huge risk.  Better to pay for internet access or tether off your mobile device
  • Back-up your data.  If anything is stolen or lost you need to be able to recover your data.
  • Don't post your travel plans on social media, wait until you return to show your friends what a wonderful time you had on your trip.  Criminals use this information to their advantage.

Network Essentials hopes that you have a happy and safe summer season!

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