Network Essentials is recognizing National Safety month and the start of hurricane season with a few tips to keep your business safe.

Summertime is a great time in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The weather is perfect for trips to the beach or the mountains but it also creates some unstable weather patterns that brings severe weather and drought conditions.  When put together, these conditions can cause a mess with power and physical damage to cars, houses and office buildings.

Communication plan

Your people are your most important asset in your business.  Ensuring that all your employees and their families are safe is priority #1.  The importance of an effective communication plan is very important in the case of emergencies.

  • Maintain an accurate contact list of all staff members - include both personal and work related information such as numbers and email addresses etc.
  • Ensure that you have a plan and it has been effectively communicated to all employees
  • understand that there is vulnerabilities with both land and mobile infrastructure and they may be unreliable during extreme events

BACKUP YOUR DATA (On and offsite)

We cannot stress enough how important data backup is!  From the occasional deleted file to a server crash or a ransomware attack,  the last line of defense is solid backups both locally and stored out in the cloud away from the local service area.  All of our clients must have data storage policies which dictate where data is to be saved on the server and both local onsite backups to recover files quickly and encrypted offsite backups to allow recovery in the event of a disaster or emergency.

Conduct a hazard assessment

This should be done by business stakeholders to review potential hazards around your business premise and, if possible, make plans for any potential events that can impact business operations.

Vulnerability Assessment

This is an assessment to categorize all business assets, the degree which they are vulnerable and have contingency plans that make sense for your business. An example is if your building loses power often, does it make sense to move your critical applications to the cloud or put in alternative power such as an emergency generator.

Review your insurance

Are you covered for natural hazards? You may be covered for wind damage from a hurricane but what about flooding etc.

Stay up to date with weather advisories and subscribe to Intelligence alerts

Network Essentials has subscriptions to weather related services and Intelligence alerting so we are always aware of events that could cause potential service interruptions to our clients and keep them informed throughout events.

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