How To Create A Disaster Recovery Plan For Your BusinessData loss is a true business disaster. As a business owner, you risk enormous financial loss as well as the loss of your good reputation in the business community if your system fails you. Disaster can strike in the form of a data breach, a system failure, a fire or a weather event. These problems can wipe out years of essential company records, leaving you open to legal action from your customers.

While you may have an onsite IT person, that often isn't enough to keep you safe. Many IT people don't have the advanced training necessary to minimize the risks from cyber attacks and natural disasters. A lone staff member also doesn't have the necessary resources. Fortunately, you can protect your data and your business's future by creating a disaster recovery plan with help from a quality managed IT service firm.

Advance Planning

At some point, your business will suffer a data issue, so you need to prepare now. A quality managed IT service will anticipate emergencies before they happen. They can help keep your data safe by continually doing preventative maintenance and training staff, both theirs and yours. In the process, they will minimize the chance that your company will lose data during and after an emergency. They will also reduce the chance that your company endures an emergency in the first place.

Power Redundancy

Your business shouldn't stop because the power goes out. An IT service can provide access to power through multiple sources in case of an outage. These precautions should include uninterruptible power supply generators with N+1 configurations. Your business should also contain multiple air conditioning units with N+1 configurations in order to keep your computer systems cool enough if the main cooling system goes down. No business can afford extended downtime.

Data Backup

Data backup is not optional for a responsible business owner. You should have your data backed up in multiple ways, including secure cloud storage. You should also consider having essential data backed up on hardware or software programs stored in a separate and secure location. A managed IT service will schedule routine backups of information for you so that newer data files are also safe if your system is compromised.

Remote Access

Some emergencies put your building off limits. A successful backup plan makes it possible for employees to safely access your system from remote locations. In the case of fire or flooding, your building may be out of commission for weeks if not months. A good plan lets your staff work from home or another secure location so that downtime is reduced.

Network Essentials

Network Essentials, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, offers you expert IT support and managed services. Most independent IT personnel simply don't have the expertise or resources to keep your business secure during a disaster such as a data breach or hurricane. At Network Essentials, they have all the advanced systems to protect you and your clientele. They offer comprehensive backup plans and 24/7 monitoring and response services. Plus, they address problems proactively so that you avoid extended downtime no matter the circumstances. Best of all, these services cost less than one, lonely IT person. For more information on Network Essentials, call 704-206-8900 today. Let them develop and implement a data recovery plan to mitigate your IT risks.