There have been reports flying around all week that a high profile Russian hacking group has stolen source code from three of the top US Antivirus firms and the code is for sale on the black market.  These reports are now in the mainstream publications leading to truth behind the curtain although not a word has come from the companies.

I dislike F.U.D (Fear, uncertainty and doubt) sales tactics, over informing prospects and clients of the risk(s), talking about the value of the assets being protected, the cost of putting a control in place and protecting assets that need to be protected.  The problem of getting the C level executives to understand threats / risk is already a budgeting issue.  On top of that. there are so many new issues are coming up daily trying to keep the correct controls in place is the equivalent to pushing rope up a hill.

If the is true it creates a whole new attack vector that it is hard to explain to clients " the protection we put in place....was hacked and you might be too".  No one wins that game for sure.

The truth is that there is a cyber war on our country that is going on quietly behind the scenes that few if any are talking about.  The US is innovative and has been the top dog for decades.  Other countries are stealing our IP (Intellectual property) at an alarming rate and we really need to bring the dialog to the center stage.  China and Russia are stealing their way to bringing down the US.  This information isn't new,  I am not making this up.  If you are interested here are a few links to start researching.

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Composed by Kyle Elworthy, CISSP, Founder Network Essentials in Charlotte, NC since 2002