The City of Baltimore has been hit by an aggressive form of "Robin hood" Ransomware which 13 Bitcoin ransom is demanded to restore the files. Baltimore is so far refusing to pay the almost $80,000 fee to restore their systems.

a partial list of what’s working and what’s not in Baltimore city government following the Robin-Hood ransomware attack:

  • 311 services: Call center operators using laptops not connected to the city’s network.
  • Baltimore City Council: City government emails and voicemail down.
  • Baltimore Police Department: 911 services working. Baltimore police email not working.
  • Board of Elections: Emails and website down.
  • Department of Public Works: Customer support and services down.
  • Recreation and Parks: Services such as online payment, permits, program registration and service requests unavailable.
  • Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office: Employees working offline.
  • Legislative Reference: Email down, no access to computers.
  • Archives and Records Management: No email access.
  • Office of Sustainability: No emails or voicemails.
  • Department of Transportation: Access to parking fines database disabled.
  • Office of Promotion and the Arts: No internet or email but website running as normal.
  • Office of the Inspector General: Hotline calls accepted.

Baltimore was also hit back in March 2018 with another attack that knocked out 911 and 311 systems.

Would your business survive this?  Would you pay to ransom? Do you have a plan?

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Link to the report excerpts were taken from.


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