Network Essentials has moved thousands of e-mail mailboxes to Microsoft Office 365 over the last couple of years with 0 (ZERO) downtime and 0 (Zero) lost messages.  As Windows Server 2008 (with Microsoft Exchange installed) is coming to end of life Jan. 2020, we advise companies intent on making the switch to Office 365 to do it NOW before the mad rush starts to get this completed by the end of the year.

Call us and ask us about our process and procedures that will make your transition to Microsoft Office 365 easy and stress free.  We also manage moves from Godaddy's Office 365 platform to Microsoft Office 365 with the same processes so the transition is smooth and stress free.

Network Essentials is a Managed Service provider located in Charlotte, NC 28203 and specializes in Office 365 Migrations, IT management and IT security in conjunction with flat-fee "all you can eat" Managed Services. Call us 704.206.8900