Federal investigations ramping up on data breaches from Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg may be personally held liable (Yeah RIGHT!) for the breaches.  Facebook uses personal information to create extraordinary company value Est.  $138.3B in 2018. Yet the asset that creates so much value (Personal Data)  is treated with malice to the point where every week we are becoming immune to the notifications that there is another data leak at Facebook and nothing seems to make them fix this blatant disregard for personal information.

Currently there are 2.25B active monthly users on the worlds largest social media platform.  210 Million of those are from the US. Simply by using the platform for "free", signing the terms of service giving Facebook free reign with your data they are creating massive wealth for shareholders of Facebook.

I am tired of hearing about data leaks, data misuse etc.  and think the CEO of Facebook should be held personally responsible for the damage they continually cause and do nothing about solving the systemic problem.

More information available here:   https://www.businessinsider.com/mark-zuckerberg-may-be-held-responsible-for-facebook-privacy-failings-ftc-report-2019-4