When I started Network Essentials in 2002 I was a single man operation.  This was fine when I have a handful of clients but soon I was in the position that there wasn't enough of me to be available when emergencies popped up.  This meant that I had to triage and prioritize based on a different set of criteria vs. now when I have a team of engineers.  I would fix the things I could fix quickest vs. the most critical.  I also didn't have technology to actively show how much time I was spending on fixing issues - being on the conservative side my clients were getting a GREAT deal financially,  although I wasn't able to always meet critical issues immediately.

When I started the company I didn't have written service agreements or statements of work for things clients needed, didn't know they were needed and I wasn't charging for it so they weren't getting done.  I was busy putting out fires and not thinking about making sure all backups were working daily, if systems were being patched and got so busy I wasn't able to study to stay up to date with the newest technology. The most important things clients needed and were not thinking about like backups, patching etc. were leaving my clients exposed.

As I grew the number of clients I was supporting, I was not always able to provide the best, fastest service when emergencies came up. I also realized that while making plenty of money to support me as an employee, I wasn't charging enough to pay to have additional staff to provide better service or pay for systems to proactively manage clients technology securely, to pay for office space, training and all the additional services needed to scale my company. I was an systems engineer thinking like a systems engineer not thinking like an entrepreneur.

Then the light bulb went on. One of my clients suggested charging him a flat monthly fee so I could staff appropriately and evolve our services to meet or exceed their expectations. That client has been with us since 2003 and has grown world-wide and started me thinking like an entrepreneur again.

Now our clients enjoy exceptional "white glove" IT services, 99.999% uptime, but we also provide the strongest foundation of IT security that keeps our clients data secure, available and  unharmed by Ransomware. Our processes allow us to know that in the worst case event we are able to restore our clients critical data and systems 100% operational within 24 hours.

Network Essentials is a Managed Technology provider based in Charlotte, NC since 2002. 704.206.8900