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Make your technology work for your business.

With Network Essentials, you can stop worrying about IT issues so you can focus on moving your business forward. Our experienced staff monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure 24x7 to keep your business running.

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Is your Network secure? Is your Data backed up and protected?

How confident are you in the security of your IT infrastructure? How often do you backup your company's data? Are you storing a recent backup offsite? When was the last time you tested a restore from your current backup solution?  AOWFIT (Always On Worry Free IT) will give you peace of mind.

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Get all-you-can-eat Help Desk,  Remote Support and Onsite Support for your entire staff.

Don't let your employees just cope with workstation issues; with Network Essentials they can quickly get a ticket in to tech support without costing your business a dime.

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Eliminate costly downtime
by detecting and resolving IT issues before they bring down your systems.

With 24x7 monitoring and maintenance, most typical workstation issues can be prevented.  Focus on your business, not your IT.

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Let Network Essentials monitor your network to prevent and repair common issues, and apply updates.

We monitor everything from anti-virus, to event logs, to patch and security update availability. We even test and whitelist updates before applying them to your systems.

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Your Small Businesses And The IT Element

This is an essential mix - your business and information technology. Gone are the days when paperwork ruled the office. You need to invest in information technology and other technology to make sure that they remain relevant and are competitive in a market whose changes are forcing small businesses towards technology and other practices that corporates and other businesses are taking over.

Innovation is the key to a small business, you can follow your business plan to the latter, but you need to understand that you need dynamism to make it successful and make the necessary changes. However, this article is designed to help you understand the IT element of your small business.

The importance of IT

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Information technology will not only uplift your business but will also get it on the right track to growth and increase its competitiveness. It will not only make your mode of operation better, it will put you on the ma in the following ways:

  1. You will be able to communicate to your subsidiaries using email and your company network meaning that there will be minimal if any communication breakdown and you will be able to easily coordinate operations which means that yours business will run very well.
  2. You will be efficient and perform your duties effectively. This means that you will keep your clients happy and always coming back.
  3. You can save all the data you need without risk of losing it in case of unforeseen incidences and theft.


What you need for your office

To achieve this feat, a move from analogue to digital, you will be required to make an investment to your business inform of the following hardware for your business:

  1. Computers: this will aid in the performing of a myriad of tasks such as the input and output of data; issuing of statements, recording information and so on. You can use them for emails and communication in order to ensure that you work as one outfit to ensure success.
  2. You will need a server to help you back up information and other things that you need to save. This server can be physical or virtual depending on your office space and preference.


The problems you might face

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There might arise a myriad of problems in this regard, progress does not miss issues, or problem, in fact beating these problems makes it easy to progress and teaches you how to handle the issues if they arise again. There will also be problems that come about because of misuse or the wrong use of the hardware and the equipment.

The common problems include; damaged hardware such as hard disks, servers, and even screens. The software problems arise from software bugs and outdated software.

The solutions to this problem

It is important to consult with the company that deals or handles your IT issues whenever you have a problem. However, with time, you will notice that not all problems need your IT supports help; you therefore need to handle what you can by learning how to do it. Watch the IT specialist work and learn or call them and make sure that they talk you through it, however, if you find that you cannot solve it, tell them to come and deal with the problem.

Mac-Simize Your Office IT By Understanding How To Cope With Common Mac Problems!

As an entrepreneur, you know that having an IT system or network for your business is effective and helps you grow your business efficiency and communication lines. Having computers in your business makes everything easier and makes it possible for your staff to carry out their duties with ease and they become very productive. Ideally, there are two types of computers; the windows based architecture, which is produced by many brands of manufacturers and the Macintosh, which is developed by Apple Inc.

 The Macintosh computer is not as popular as the windows architecture but is slowly catching up because of the refined and beautiful architecture that it has. They are designed not only to look better but to perform as well as the windows or in some cases better.

 However, there are a few issue that have plagued many people and the following are tips to solve this issue yourself. Consider this a "teaching you how to fish" article such that you are empowered with the skills to solve the Mac problems you might experience.


Major problems and solutions with the Mac

  1. Slow applications

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When it comes to Mac computers, this is a rare occurrence and it is mainly caused by applications that are not used by your business. These applications can then lead to a lot of incompatibility issues which then slow down the applications that you are using. When this starts to happen you will need to go through your app list, especially apps you have down loaded from the Mac App Store, which might be affecting what you want to use.

 Remove these apps (because you can download them anyway, in case the problem does not abate) to free up space in your hard disks meaning that your Random Access Memory is free from the pressure. This will mean that your Mac will go back to working as it is meant to be.


  1. Freezing and hanging


 Every businessperson knows that time is money and you cannot afford to waste customer or client time because your Macs are freezing and cannot perform the tasks they are meant to. Though this seldom happens to these machines, if it does it might be very costly to your business in terms of productivity and client reaction.

 This is a condition caused by different or conflicting disk permissions, which are what allow the user to access different files and folders. Incase these permissions are conflicted or changes when you install a program that requires you to use your administrator password which change the original setting and it messes up your whole file protection system leading to a frozen screen. To change these settings, you need to go to the Disk utility and select the startup disk options and click repair permissions and you are good to go.


  1. It won't work

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You have probably heard an employee say this when they turned their computer on. There are many causes of this freeze but normally the operating system needs a restart and this "awakes" the computer again. This reduces crashing or slowing down when you have not made any other changes won the Mac software. Simply restart your Mac and you are good to go!

Network Essentials Recognized at one of the 501 best in the world

Network Essentials has been recognized on the Nine Lives Media and MSPmentor 501 Global Edition, a report identifying the world’s top managed services providers (MSPs). Top managed services providers are recognized based on a range of metrics, including annual managed services revenue growth, managed services offered and customer devices managed.

"We are honored to be recognized as a top global managed services provider," says Kyle Elworthy, CEO. "Our clients recognize the relationship that they have with us (managed IT relationship) continually gains value over time. We are constantly improving the way we support our clients and earn the right to serve them. This notable recognition is a direct result of the hard work and dedication of our team."

MSPs on this year’s global 501list lifted their combined annual recurring revenues 24.5 percent to $2.54 billion. Together, those MSPs now manage more than 5.6 million PCs and servers, and nearly 400,000 smartphones and tablets, according to Joe Panettieri, editorial director, Nine Lives Media.

For more information on the MSPmentor 501 Global Edition, click here.

Network Essentials named to CRN's Next-Gen 250

next gen_400Network Essentials, a manged service provider that offers business solutions for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to large enterprises, today announced it has been recognized by UBM Channel as a member of CRN's second annual Next-Gen 250 list. The CRN Next-Gen 250 highlights up-and-coming VARs that have recently entered the market with a smart and different approach to solution selling and integration. 

This Next-Gen 250 list is a snapshot of solution providers who are zeroing in on lucrative and emerging technologies, among them cloud computing, mobility, virtualization, unified communications, business analytics and business intelligence.

"The channel is constantly evolving as existing models are being tested and new ones are created," said Kelley Damore, VP, Editorial Director, UBM Channel. "All the companies on this year's list have only been in business since 1999. Some have transformed their business to meet the demands of a changing market. Others didn't have the baggage of transitioning from hardware to services to recurring revenue and have been able to build a business on an entirely new model and leverage new technology platforms. Regardless of how they got here, we congratulate each company for making this year's list."

A sample of the Next-Gen 250 list is available online at http://www.crn.com/news/channel-programs/240005998/2012-crn-next-gen-250.htm.

Network Essentials Spam Protection - Regain Control over your Inbox

How Much does Spam Cost Your Company?

Spam Email ProtectionYou'd be surprised how much junk email costs a company in time and resources.  Reclaim your Inbox today.

According to a recent study, 78% of all email sent is classified as spam.  Other reports have claimed that U.S. companies lose $712 per employee each year due to spam email despite the software spam filters that come with most email clients.  Ask yourself if you'd like to continue sifting through spam and let junk email clog up your inboxes and exchange server.


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